by Amber Officer-Narvasa

protective protection
filled s a c
i am

around, to, away, with
under, below, beneath, without
around, to, away, with,
round, too, i sway, with
undo belong, underneath, about

to transfer means to give
or, proximity enough so that something of you
reaches something of me

to disconnect implies a base? what precedes

a searching for, a circling back, a foot tapping restless, afar, a far too much, a trespassing, a being lost, a whisper, a practice…of staying outside, a rending, a rendering, reaching towards, a joyous shout, a spilling over, an open hands waiting, a crossing, a passing, a holding, a holding, a holding, a hold,, a crossing, a being, lost.


Author Info: Amber Officer-Narvasa is a Sagittarius. First Draft is a re:claim column that runs inconsistently, aspirationally on alternate Fridays. It is sometimes about play, Blackness, and the digital. 



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