nuestras voces: fall break link roundup

 oil pastel drawing by me “nuestras voces”

by Gisselle Morales

Here is a list of some podcasts that center Latinx and Chicanx queer femme history and creativity.

you should take a look over the break

or listen to these when you’re trying to block out annoying, toxic, family members 🙂

1. Bitter Brown Femmes

This podcast is made by two, well, Bitter Brown Femmes known as Ruben and Cassandra or Queer Xicanismo and Xicanisma on Facebook. They are unapologetic about their radical leftist views on pop culture and social issues—those within the latinx/xicanx community as well as outside.

2. Locatora Radio

This podcast is hosted by Mala Muños and Diosa Femme. This is made by brown girls for brown girls, to discuss femmeness, race, mental health, trauma, gender experience, sexuality, and oppression.

3. Anzaldúing It

Inspired by Gloria Anzaldúa, this podcast is hosted by two queer latinx best friends. With episodes like “Academia survival kit,” “Q & A-cademia,” and “Just cause you’re brown don’t mean you down,” you’ll be more than ready to return to Columbia after the break.

Enjoy your break!

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