Stories of Surviving

published in collaboration with No Red Tape Columbia

[CONTENT WARNING: This page contains material about sexual and dating violence.]



We are excited to announce that re:claim will be publishing an online zine called Stories of Surviving in collaboration with No Red Tape. For years, Columbia and Barnard have silenced survivors of sexual and dating violence. By launching this zine, we are committed to giving survivors a space to share as much or as little of their stories as they like.

We welcome submissions from those who have experienced sexual or dating violence. Everyone is welcome to submit, but we especially encourage survivors whose stories don’t match traditional narratives and who come from marginalized communities to share. We welcome people to share any experience they feel has affected their experience at Columbia, whether it happened at Columbia or not.

You can submit material in any genre that we can publish online, including writing, art, recordings, videos, and music. If you’d like to submit, go to: All submissions will be published here and on the No Red Tape Tumblr, unless you request otherwise.

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